Frequently asked questions about getting started with Marble 

To help you prepare for our call, we’ve collected commonly asked questions. 

1. What happens during our first call?

On this free 15-minute call, our team will listen to your needs so that we can connect you with an experienced local attorney.

2. What happens during the legal strategy session? 

During this call, an attorney will provide legal guidance, answer questions and help create a roadmap for moving forward. Most clients report coming out of their legal strategy session with a sense of relief and clarity. This call is typically 20-30 minutes long.

3. What happens after my legal strategy session?

We’ll meet with you to go over your recommended services and work together to figure out a payment option that works with your budget.

4. How does Marble’s pricing work? Will I be charged by the hour?

No. Marble gives you an upfront, fixed price for each service in your case. That means you’ll know what your service costs before you agree to it–no surprise bills.

At Marble, you’ll get an experienced local attorney, dedicated to getting you to the other side of your legal journey. Talk to us and see why 20,000 clients have chosen Marble. 

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