How to review and add information in your Marble Home

After you sign your Marble Agreement, please go to your Marble Home to review and add your information as soon as possible. This will ensure your lawyer has everything they need to work on your case right away. 

To make the most of your time with your attorney, we strongly recommend getting this done before the strategy review call. This will also help your legal team get to work faster. 

Note: To share this information with your attorney, you’ll need to click Submit. The sooner you officially submit and share this info with your attorney, the sooner we can move your case forward. 

Here are some commonly asked questions

When should I review and add my information? 

As soon as possible—and ideally before your strategy review call. The faster you provide this information, the faster your team will be able to move your case forward. 

Why do you need this information? 

We request this information so your lawyer will have everything they need to work on your case. 

What if I don’t have all the information you’re asking for? 

Don’t worry! We know some of this information may be hard to get a hold of. It’s important you fill out as much of this information as possible, but if you’re missing something, simply submit without. You can always bring it up to your attorney during your strategy review call. 

Can I leave and finish adding my info later? 

Yes. The information you’ve provided will be automatically saved in Marble Home. That said, your attorney will not have access to this information until you officially submit. 

Remember, the sooner you officially submit and share this info with your attorney, the sooner we can move your case forward. 

Where do I go to review and add my information? 

Log in to your Marble Home and click Complete Now to continue reviewing and adding your information

Can I edit and update the information I've provided?

You can edit and update until you click Submit

Once you’ve submitted, we can easily make any adjustments needed. While you won’t be able to make updates in Marble Home, you can always contact us here and we’ll take care of it right away for you.

Is Marble Home a secure place to share my information?

Yes, your Marble Home is secure, upholding the highest security standards. All information is protected and encrypted. Any information you provide is strictly confidential and will be delivered to your legal team so we can move you forward. 

If you have any questions, please contact our team here.

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