Limited scope representation and what it means for you

We believe you should be able to hire an experienced attorney for a straightforward price. That’s why we practice limited scope representation.

What is limited scope representation?

It’s a way to hire a lawyer for one specific part of your case. With Marble, you get a fixed price for each part. We take it step by step, so you know exactly what's included—and what it costs—in advance.

Why do we do it this way?

To make it easier on your budget.

  • No paying a high retainer fee just to get started

  • No surprise bills

  • No hourly rates that add up

And because each service has a clear price, we can offer you the option to pay over time with convenient monthly payments.

Frequently asked questions

Can we help you with your entire case?

Yes, we’d love to help you with your entire case.

At Marble, we take it step by step. You’ll start by speaking with an attorney, who will recommend any initial services needed to start your case. After completing your service(s), your attorney may recommend additional services to help you reach the end of your legal journey.

Can you explain limited scope in a different way?

Yes, imagine you’re building a house.

When building a house, there are a lot of different steps:

1. Everything starts with the blueprint.

2. Building the foundation

3. Building the floors, walls and roof

4. Adding plumbing and electricity

5. Getting final sign-off from the city

At Marble, we build your legal case like we’re building you a house. One step at a time.

You get one straightforward price for each part. For example, one price for the foundation, one price for the roof. At Marble, there are no runaway expenses, no surprise bills. Before we start working, we’ll need your signoff. And at the end of your legal journey, you get the keys to your new life.

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