Empowering you through life’s ups and downs

Empowering you through life’s ups and downs

We believe everyone should be able to hire the attorney they need. That’s why we started Marble, a law firm with experienced attorneys for straightforward prices.

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So far, we’re serving clients in 22 states and growing.

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Map of supported states
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We believe every American should have access to affordable legal services.

We’re committed to advocating for our most vulnerable clients. While we offer upfront pricing and the option to pay over time, we understand that sometimes you need a little more help. That’s why we started the Marble Does More program, where we offer pro bono legal services to some of our clients who are in a serious time of need. Every month, we commit a portion of our resources to this program, and we can’t wait to keep scaling as we grow.

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We're Marble, the law firm that's here to move you forward. Get the legal help you need—when you need it most. We believe in being 100% transparent: from explaining what the process looks like to how much it costs before you start.