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Marble’s Attorneys

We combine experienced legal professionals with a suite of tools to provide you with the support you need on your case, every step of the way.

Not your average legal team

Your lawyer goes through a rigorous vetting and onboarding process, so they’re equipped to provide you with the best support possible.

Your attorney:

Was chosen from a pool of thousands of applicants

Average of 15+ years experience practicing law

Extensive experience with state and local laws and regulations

Supported by technology that frees them up to focus on your case strategy

You’re also supported by:

A suite of tools that makes it easier to move ahead faster, no commute required

A Financial team to help make your payment experience as stress-free as possible

Real-time updates for clarity throughout your case, and a support line and help center to answer your questions

Proud to serve 50,000+ clients just like you




Mar 23, 2024

Brilliant law firm

From my very first phone call to my last, I cannot emphasize how caring and concerned everyone was. They have a wealth of legal knowledge that was most impressive and I actually won my case with their help. As Dr., I respect their dedication, knowledge and respect for their clients. I honestly recommend this brilliant law team, and know please, their fees are the most reasonable and affordable and they will work with you.




Mar 28, 2024

They are a well-oiled machine

They are a well oiled machine of individuals who truly care to give their clients the best experience possible




Mar 27, 2024

Above and beyond

My assigned lawyer has been amazing. She took the time to explain the process, step by step. She checked to make sure I was understanding. She's been responsive and proactive. I felt heard and understood. Marble staff has also been great at checking on me and making sure things have been going well.




Feb 7, 2024

Marble is excellent

Our lawyer is so communicative. We feel heard and cared for. The financial department is also an incredible team of people.




Feb 5, 2024

Convenient and trustworthy

Hassle-free experience when you’re looking for an attorney that’s fitting for you.




Feb 8, 2024

Fantastic, outstanding job

Words can not express the fantastic job. The experience was amazing. I wasn't sure what to expect but all I can say is great job. Thank you so much.




Feb 15, 2024

Patient and seem to care

Everyone I have spoke too has been patient and seems to genuinely care about my case. Prices are well within reason for what is being done.




Jan 30, 2024

A true gift

Marble Law is amazing. Everyone is helpful, attentive, and supportive of my case and situation. I truly feel blessed to have found them.




Jan 29, 2024

Did an amazing job

My attorney did an amazing job. She was extremely diligent and available to me if I had questions. She kept me in the loop…I appreciate her hard work. Thank you Marble.




Jan 25, 2024

Most easygoing experience

The most easy going experience I’ve ever had with any lawyer. My attorney is very proactive and knows her stuff. She is very detailed and makes sure I have a full understanding of things within my case.




Aug 12, 2023

Outstanding representation

Only charges for your actual needs keeping the cost down and being very attentive and respectful as well as understanding of the situation. Highly recommend.




Nov 27, 2023

Transparency is key!

The team was very transparent throughout the entire process. We enjoy the ability to be able to access our case at any time. Marble is optimizing what seems to be the future of legal representation.




Mar 19, 2024

Good experience

The paralegal and the attorneys explained thoroughly how the process worked and were very kind, compassionate, and understanding and eased my mind.




Sep 26, 2023

Finally found an amazing team!

After going through many lawyers, I found Marble that immediately listened about my divorce, and accepted to reopen the final settlement. In 3 days and they started to work, I couldn’t be happier!




Oct 27, 2021

Very nice & professional

I had an awesome experience with Marble. Everyone I spoke with was very nice and professional. They answered all my questions and pointed me in the right direction. I’m looking forward to my new beginning with their help.




Aug 1, 2023

The empathy is beyond measures

The courtesy of Marble Law staff has given me a soft pillow to place my head on. The empathy is beyond measures.




Aug 1, 2023

Outstanding representation

Marble made filing for divorce very easy and efficient. My attorney was very communicative. The Marble reps were also helpful and responsive. The client portal is easy to use and is helpful in keeping you updated.




Aug 12, 2023

Kept me sane in an insane situation

I found Marble Law on a website. My attorney was the best I could have ever asked for. He knew the law inside and out.. I am truly grateful to him for all he did above and beyond. Thank you Marble.




Feb 20, 2024

Great and friendly team

Great and friendly team! Actually care about the case and not just the money. Would recommend to anyone




Feb 19, 2024

The privilege of hiring Marble

Marble represented me in a legal matter and I want to express my satisfaction with the outstanding services. Beyond my lawyer's impressive legal skills, he was professional...communicating promptly, providing updates, and responding to me with clarity and transparently...I felt empowered and informed.




Feb 12, 2024

Fast and efficient

They are fast and efficient, they take the time to listen to what you want and need, have admirable advice, make sure you have a full understanding of what they can bring to the table. I highly recommend and appreciate the hard work to come.




Feb 12, 2024

Outstanding Attorney

Amanda Cummins has only been on my case for a week, and she is going above and beyond to help me in every way she possibly can. She's a fighter, and she doesn't back down. She is a woman of integrity and stands up for what's right, even if it costs her. I wouldn't want anyone else representing me with my case.




Mar 3, 2024

Amazing Experience!

My experience with marble was nothing short of amazing! They ask questions about your case and set you up with a lawyer in your area based on your needs. You pay a flat rate based off the services you need. The lawyer that I had, Mr. Jerrell Williams, was always available. He gave good advice and showed that he cared. I would definitely recommend!




Mar 1, 2024

Treating me important

From the very beginning people treated me like I was important. They asked me what I wanted, and based on what I wanted suggested what they thought would help me. I would like to say thank you from the bottom of the heart. thank you for making it affordable through this hard time. I hope God blesses your law firm.

Attorneys in your backyard

Searching for an attorney near you? Marble Law serves clients in 10 states across the US - Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New York, and Texas.

Your dream team awaits

Jeffrey Pollak

Principal Attorney

Marble PC

9920 Pacific Heights Blvd, Ste. 150, San Diego

California, 92130 | (619) 880-1883

Marble attorneys

Lowen Jones

Managing Attorney, Arizona

Marble Law PC

2550 W. Union Hills Drive, Suite 350, Phoenix

AZ 85027 | 623-253-5307

Michael Gower

Managing Attorney, California

Marble PC

9920 Pacific Heights Blvd, Ste. 150, San Diego

CA 02121 | 619-880-1883

Anisa Thobhani

Managing Attorney, Immigration

Marble Law PC

2500 Wilcrest, Suite 300, Houston

TX 77042 | 903-222-3270

Vanessa Tuttle

Managing Attorney, Florida

Marble Law Professional Corporation

100 S. Ashley Drive, Suite 600, Tampa

FL 33602 | 786-434-3602

Ashley Osby

Managing Attorney, Georgia

Marble, PC

3372 Peachtree Road, Suite 115, Atlanta

GA 30326 | 855-270-3736

Walter Jackowiec

Managing Attorney, Illinois

Marble P.C.

John Hancock at 875 N Michigan Avenue Ste 3100, Chicago

IL 60611 | 855-269-2598

Diane Goodman

Managing Attorney, Maryland

Marble Law LLC

1910 Towne Centre Boulevard Suite 250, Annapolis

MD 21401 | 443-256-9014

Julie Gray

Managing Attorney, Texas

Marble Law PC

2500 Wilcrest, Suite 300, Houston

TX 77042 | 214-865-9750

Michael Stivers

Managing Attorney, New York

Marble Law P.C.

132 West 31st Street, First Floor, New York,

NY 10001 | 917-473-1574

Tawni Cummings

Managing Attorney, Colorado

Marble PC

7535 East Hampden Avenue, Suite 400, Denver

CO 80231 | 855-270-4341

Anna Tsaturova

Managing Attorney, Michigan

Marble PC

250 Monroe NW Suite 400, Grand Rapids

Michigan 49503 | 616-282-1516

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